Have you ever come across those lavish villas in Mumbai? You might be often wondering about the high initial as well as maintenance cost that comes along with these lavish structures. These high tech aesthetic houses need not always be a costly affair they can be sustainable as well as energy efficient if built with proper planning and design. If at all you are wondering what sort of sustainable technologies are installed in these homes, do not worry we have it all here for you.

Eco-homes are trending as well as the need of the hour. Even luxury homes can be green homes. Green homes are environmentally sustainable and concentrate on saving energy. They make efficient use of different forms of energy, water as well as the materials used for building these lavish houses.

A lot of houses these days concentrate on making efficient use of solar energy. One such use is the installation of residential solar panels. Solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy. They act as a source of power generation for your various residential power needs. When there is sufficient solar energy palling on your panels they convert it into AC power.

A PV module installation is one important part of the solar panels used in homes. A PV module is basically an array of PV cells also called solar cells. To derive the desired power from solar energy multiple PV modules are connected in a large array. This is the most important part of the system as it directly converts sunlight into electricity. These modules come into various types namely Crystalline Silicon PV Module and Amorphous Silicon PV Module.

Solar module mounting is a very important and essential requirement when it comes to installation of solar panels. These mountings provide support to the PV cells. These support structures can be mounted into three types namely fixed modules, flexible system or tracking way.

While you have already registered your power need for your sustainable green home and have also calculated the size of the solar panel required, the next step is to look for the best solar manufacturers in India. While there has been a substantial reduction in the prices of solar panels due to different schemes, buying a solar panel from the right manufacturer has become quite easy. One foremost important thing one must look for when selecting the right company is to check the installed capacity of the company followed by the cost.

Solar companies in India, are continuously developing new technologies to harness solar power and make use sustainable and cost-efficient materials to make solar panels and other installation essentials. These companies continuously try to develop innovative products and aim at spreading the use of solar energy on a large scale. While the benefits of the use of solar energy has become popular among people these days the increase in the number of solar power suppliers in India marks  good progress towards renewable energy.

If at all you are a solar supply company one should take note of the above essential aspects a customer looks for. Additionally, site office design is also one important part of your company. Make sure your office has utilized all the technology you sell to make a greater impact.

H Beams













Low cost housing is a very well known term these days. While low-income sections of the society cannot afford sustainable and well-structured homes. This affordable housing scheme makes use of proper budget considerations and the use of local easily available materials with innovative and technology. It also makes sure there is no compromise made on the strength, life, and durability of the house.

There is a big misconception that affordable housing compromises on the quality of the structure by making use of cheap quality material. But the fact is this kind of housing plans makes use of proper resource planning and management. Cost of the project is saved by totally avoiding finishing techniques or by carrying them out in phases. One important aspect is the use of color coated roofing sheet. Roofing sheets form an important aspect into any sort of constructions. They are available in various sizes and colors. A color coated sheet helps achieve two objectives protection from the weather as well as from the sun.

Engineered Steel Buildings come into the picture in these types of housing projects. If it also already prefabricated then the work becomes easier and also the work can be completed early. These come in handy as they make use of the available inventory which is locally found. The use of efficient manufacturing techniques makes these buildings structurally sound as well as aesthetic as per the requirements.

I –beams are another important part of any building. They are also termed as H-beams, universal beam, W-beam etc. These beams are capable to handle different loads in a structure and also provide design efficiency. They form an integral part of the columns and beams of the structure. They are available in multiple sizes, lengths and other specifications. These are the basic requirements for any structure.

Container homes have also become popular these days. A lot of green buildings these days make use of containers. The serve the purpose of homes and are made from shipping containers which are easily available container manufacturer. They are available in various shapes, colors and sizes to suit the requirements. These container homes are also energy efficient as they make use of appropriate insulation coatings as well as the use of reflective materials to avoid harmful radiations as well as prevent internal heat loses. These structures are trending these days as they prove cost efficient as well as serve the purpose of being the most idea pre-fabricated modular homes. Recyling is also another aspect which has made these homes quite popular. These homes provide the ease of transportation and a predictive cost has made them the most preferred choice these days.

Conclusion: While this article has provided you a brief idea of economic housing and all the essentials for it make sure you do not compromise on quality and pay attention to the strength and durability of the structure. If at all you do not find a manufacturer of container to build an eco- home you can search for the best Container Suppliers in your area.






If designing homes and monuments is your passion then surely you want to be the best at it. While every city has its own well-recognized monuments and institutions known for their aesthetics and looks how amazing it would be if your architectural service would be known after it. Mumbai has a fusion of multiple ancient architectural marvels as well modern day decors. Offices and restaurants make it to the top for their amazing architecture. If at all you want to be among the top restaurant designers in Mumbai or want to be a well-known architecture firm do not worry, your skills and these tips will surely make you the one. While you are all set be the name in the town here are a few tricks and tips you must know beforehand.

As an architectural service firm, you must be specialized in all the areas. From designing restos, furnishing and designing office layouts to building a luxury house in Mumbai. The city needs you to know everything and to be the best you should be an expert in all these three major areas.

Now that you have got a perfect idea you should also make sure you have hired a good civil contractor to build your base. When selecting the right civil contractor for your groundwork once you are ready with your designs, the first and foremost important things you must look for is if the contractor has all the essential equipment and contacts.  Make sure he has knowledge of making prefab buildings. In a city where every structure requires space to be a major consideration an already fabricated structure is a necessity.

A roof forms an essential part in your design if at all you are designing a rooftop restaurant  you should understand that its roofing is also an essential part even if it is an outdoor setting. While selecting the right roofing here are some essential features you should know initially. The roof should be a perfect fit for your structure with accurate measurements. It should be durable enough to withstand all weather conditions. These sheets are available in different types like transparent sheets, curved sheets and also available in different colous and shapes.  Roofing sheets manufacturers are very essential when it comes to selecting the right roofs. Make sure you know the best roof manufacturer in town.

Portable Container Office forms an integral part in any construction prerequisite. These offices are essential for security purposes as well as a temporary office while your site in getting ready. It provides temporary shelter and thus can be moved to another place when not required. These offices are readily available in different sizes and features to suit your requirement.

Conclusion: Thus while you are all set to be the best firm in town with all the essential amenities like a portable office container and service providers under your roof all you need is now the best of your design marvel to make a mark in the city of dreams.




If you are a constructor and willing to start your own business, a lot of things might confuse you. From business planning to essential equipment the list is long lasting. While most people realize that they have not paid attention to the most important things to start their own construction site, here is a list of things that one should have that proves you to be the best constructor in town.

One of the important essentials to construct any building or a monument is the toilet. Portable Toilets are good as compared to permanently built toilets, as it allows you to move the toilet as per your requirement of sanitation services. The toilets can be made available on rents. Try to purchase it, as it might enable you to use it for a longer duration until the construction is completed. You may sell it later, once the things fall in place. Also, the easy plumbing facilities make them a must while you carry your entourage to different sites. If at all there is no requirement of these toilets at a particular site you can always rent them for a while.

A Shed can be another thing, which needs to be purchased as the construction begins. It might not be required initially, but it can be required later, as it protects your construction’s inner inside from being ruined by the rain or nasty weather. Shed Manufacturers can be found easily in any town or city, but there are several things you need to take care of. Cost, and Quality will ensure that the purchased material is worth. In terms of quality, you might look forward to having a durable shed.

Roofing Sheets are also in the list of essential things while planning to construct a monument. These can be made available in a variety of materials. These sheets are used as an external envelope for walls and roofs of various buildings and structures. These sheets are made available in form of galvanized sheets, Industrial, Roof decking, and Deck profile sheets. You might choose one of it as per your requirements.

After learning about the list of essentials, don’t forget to add another thing to the list –Prefabricated control rooms. These control rooms allow you to have good supervision on the ongoing things. Building permanent control rooms shall not be supportive of the construction. But, you should also watch for having sound dampening panels equipped in it.

Conclusion: After all of the above things fall in place if you still have the potential to invest and make your site complete with amenities, Portable container house is one more essential. It will allow you to build a house, which will be on a temporary basis for your workers when there is a need to stay at the site. These homes are made up of steel, and also enables you to move anywhere you are migrating or want to place it. These homes are used to make cabins, homes, and also cafes. Such homes will be cost- efficient. These houses also contribute to recycling it.

Guidelines To Design a Sports Complex

Guidelines To Design a Sports Complex

Construction happens to be a job, which requires most of the skills. Ranging from your ability to think to invent something new and unique is all required while constructing any infrastructure. Like, when it comes to building or constructing a sports complex, it becomes more and more complicated. For sports complex design, one needs to think as per the various requirement. But what happens when you aren’t a sports player? Don’t worry we have got things readymade for you.

The first and foremost important thing required is Mobile toilets. This comes handy when you have to move them according to your ease at different times.  For instance, if you have a large crowd on a particular day you can increase their numbers and can put them away when they are not required. These are must, as it is also one of the essential needs of your workers. Movable toilets allow you to move them from one place to another. They come with all the basic amenities. A lot of places these days make use of this facility as and when required. The best part about these toilets is their ease and compatibility in different surroundings. As hygiene forms an essential part of any public place. It goes without saying that these are a must.

These toilets are mostly available on rents and also can be made available through a large number of Mobile toilet manufacturers. Since it has so many providers, it also allows you to negotiate the rent which is suitable for you. These manufacturers provide you with a variety of design and facilities as per your budget and requirement to give you the best price possible. At times changes can be made to an existing toilet design as per your need. If you are hesitant to select one, one should probably start looking from the best one in town as it will provide you with the best quality. Plumbing is also an essential part when it comes to selecting the right vendor.

If at all your design includes a closed complex and you are worried about the changing weather conditions, the most preferred way to provide thermal resistance to your complex is by making use of PUF Insulated Panels .These form an integrate as well as a very important part of the design. It provides security as well as defines the architecture. They are light in weight and also energy efficient. It goes without saying it’s durability will make you bring it in use. These provide aesthetic as well as form a sturdy structure of the complex. These panels also provide sound insulation as well as are maintenance free most of the times during it’s use. These panels are fire resistant thus making them the best choice.

Conclusion: While most of the things are covered  one of the important things that one cannot forget while planning to build a sports complex is Module mounting structure. If at all you are planning to save on energy and install solar panels and become more energy efficient this would be quite essential.





Construction is one of the oldest skills blessed to mankind. It’s a belief that our ancestors used a very old technique for the construction of any given infrastructure. It goes without saying that even today the monuments or the infrastructure built by those old techniques are standing strong without much of repair work. But, as time passed, we grew up watching the advancement in technology. Old skills are being replaced with new techniques, manpower is being replaced by various machines. Now, we need to discuss the various things that play a vital in reference to the construction sites. It’s good to check once if you are having all the machines and instruments before starting the work. We shall discuss few of the machines and equipment which are required to get the work done prior the commitment. Basically, Mobile Toilets, are one basic need of the construction sites. These are the kind of toilets that are available on rents and also can be found easily given the number of service providers it has.

The Precast wall panel is one of the building materials that stands out to be a vital part of the construction project. These walls are available in a variety of designs to meet one’s demands for the construction. Spancrete Architectural and Structural Precast Wall panel building systems are two of the types that can give a custom finish to the panel’s exterior.

Now in order to construct a strong framing, we require C Purlin. It’s used in constructing industrial buildings, garages, and verandahs. So, therefore, any construction that requires a strong and rigid framing requires C Purlin. It can also be used as wall posts. Lightweight purlin can make your job even easier, as it allows you to do maximum work with little efforts due to its lightweight. Good corrosion resistance is one of the benefits to using it.

Security Cabins play an important role for the security purpose of the construction site. Can you leave your work and the raw material without any security? Hence in order to have security guards, one must make a provision for the security guards in form of the cabin. The cabin must be movable, as it’s a construction site, you may require it to be moved to any destinations. Hence, there are moveable fiber cabins available in the market, which could surely make your job even easier.

How about having an external envelope for the walls and roofs of various buildings and structures? Roofing sheets can make add extra relief to your already decorated and durable site. These are the kind of sheets, which are available in the form of aluminium and are also light in weight.

Conclusion:  After taking a note of these materials, are we missing on something? PUF panel is an answer. These are the sort of panels, which are light in weight, energy efficient and also durable. Hence adding the three specifications, it’s importance can be imagined. It’s suitable for  diverse applications.

What Is Lightweight Concrete And Other Basics



Lightweight concrete refers to an alternative concrete made up of coarse lightweight aggregate and sometimes even portion of finer aggregates. Lightweight concrete is different than regular concrete in terms of density, weight, strength etc. Many PEB structure in Gujarat and other areas have been made with the use of lightweight concrete.

Broadly there are three different types of lightweight concrete:

  • Lightweight aggregate concrete
  • Foamed concrete
  • Autoclaved aerated concrete

Of these foamed lightweight concrete is a low density highly workable concrete with is ideal to fill out redundant spaces/ voids in buildings etc. Because of its high thermal insulation ability it is also good to fill under floor voids. It can also be used to insulate the roofs by filling it in the gaps between roofing sheet in Gujarat/ any construction project.

Autoclaved aerated concrete is another highly thermal concrete base which is used in interior as well as exteriors of construction projects. This is low in density and can be easily cut, routed and/ or sanded. They are fine to be used in construction of solar structure in Gujarat/ India; however they are majorly used in masonry units.

Now for the lightweight aggregate (LWA) concrete! The use of lightweight concrete initially began with it being a load bearing component in the inner cavity of walls. But with time we are currently able to produce and use high strength lightweight concrete which is suitable for most structural work. Many producers of lightweight concrete panels in Gujarat etc will vouch by the fact that in many instances it is equivalent in strength to normal weight concrete.

Even within the segment of lightweight aggregate concrete there are many different types. These include the following:

  • Foam Slag:
  • Clays and Shales
  • Pumice
  • Sintered Pulverised

There are multiple benefits to using LWA in place of regular full density concrete. Some of the most prominent benefits of LWA are as follows:

  • LWA is optimal when there is need to reduce the weight of the structure in question. Since it comes is great strength but is lighter in weight it greatly helps in reducing the dead loads of the building.
  • Another great characteristic of lightweight aggregate concrete is that it is highly thermal. This property also adds to the advantages of using it in place of regular concrete. It improves the thermal insulation of the structure without adding to the weight.
  • It is also more fire resistant in comparison and hence is a better option.
  • Developers/ builders may favor the use of LWA also because handling precast units of LWA in comparison to regular concrete is cheaper. Also it is cheaper and more easy to transport this type of concrete/ concrete panels.



So basically, lightweight concrete is a more refined and derivative form of regular concrete. It has many added benefits and is hence preferred by many. Lightweight concrete panels are being used in many construction projects across the nation. For example security cabin in Gujarat, prefabricated buildings, portable offices and more.

Prefabricated Construction Vs. On Site Construction


On site construction is the traditional way of constructing a building, wherein workers and raw material are collected at the site of the building. The workers slowly use the raw materials and give shape to the building.

Prefabricated construction on the other hand refers to when parts of the building/ structure are manufactured in a plant, away from actual building site. These parts are then assembled on site to form the required structure. While traditional construction methods have been the base of Indian construction industry for long, prefabrication is becoming increasingly popular. Many prefabricated buildings in Gujarat and other parts of the nation can be seen taking shape.

Here is a comparative analysis of both these construction methods to access their pros and cons:


One important point of comparison is transportation. In prefabricated buildings there is a need to transport prebuilt parts from the building plant to the actual site of the building. This implies that the size of the pre-constructed parts has to be limited according to the ease of transportation. This requirement is however absent n case of onsite construction projects. Many labor colonies manufacturer in Gujarat/ India are however opting for prefab structures.


Weather is an important environmental aspect to consider when beginning a construction project. Onsite constructions are affected by weather which may cause delays and also affect the quality of construction. Prefab construction on the other hand is not bound by weather changes as it is done behind closed walls of a plant. One great example of prefab structures is porta cabins in Gujarat.


Another important point of comparison between the two construction types is the cost involved in them. There are many ways in which onsite construction is much more expensive than prefabricated construction. For example, prefabrication uses low costing materials such as PUF insulated panels in Gujarat, that drive the cost down.

Working Conditions:

Since the construction plant for prefabricated construction is closed and bounded, it offers a more secure environment to the workers. Better working conditions in comparison to on site construction, has rendered prefab building a preferred method wherever possible. Portable site office cabin in Gujarat are being built with the use of prefabrication method.


There are two side of this factor. One is that in case of onsite construction, the builder/ owner has the option to alter the plan as and when needed after looking at present progress. But in case of prefabrication this is not possible. In this way prefabrication might be a tad bit inconvenient for those who can’t commit to the design in advance. The second side is that prefabrication helps builder skip the hassles of onsite construction.



With the need for low cost housing in Gujarat and all parts of the nation, prefabricated construction is a rising trend. While both the construction processes have their own set of pros and cons, there are many instances where prefabrication is a preferred method. There is no denying that builders and developer are opting for prefabrication in construction industry wherever and whenever possible.

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All About I-Beams: Types, Uses And Benefits

Many different materials are used in a construction project. All these materials have different types of classifications, uses, benefits and factors to consider when using them. One such important material that forms an integral part of construction projects is I-beams. Here we will discuss all there is to know about this product.


What Are I-Beams?

To begin with they are also known as H-beams, W-beam, wide beam, a rolled steel joist and also a universal beam. These beams are made up of two horizontal components i.e. ‘flanges’ which are connected by a vertical component known as the ‘web’. The thickness and strength of these flanges and the web determine the strength of the beam itself.

Type And Factors To Consider When Picking One

All building types including prefab buildings make use of this construction component to make a solid and sound building. These beams are classified into different types on the basis of sizes, section depths, weights, web thickness etc. There are standardized charts which allow builders to access which type/ size/ weight of I-beam to select for a certain kind of weight.

However there are many factors that must be taken into account before a builder/ porta cabin manufacturer settles on a particular size. And these include:

  • Prefabricated Control Rooms

    Prefabricated Control Rooms

    Vibrations: The beams need to be of certain stiffness and mass to eliminate any kind of vibrations in the building.

  • Deflection: Another thing to consider when selecting the right beam size is deformation. The beam should be thick enough to withstand the building weight without deforming.
  • Buckling Under Tension: Web thickness and flanges are both required to be in appropriate proportion to avoid any buckling or rippling under the tension.
  • Bending: To avoid buckling, the beams must be accommodating of yield stress by bending under pressure.





All builders, developers, manufacturers and even suppliers like container suppliers will agree that structural integrity is extremely important. And these beams, irrespective of the material they are made of do the job of providing load baring and structural strength to the building at hand.

They form one of the best support pillars for any structure as they can withstand different types of shear and load stresses. Another important component of a building is the different types of purlins or specifically the c purlins.

These purlins are horizontal running components which are meant to support the roof/ roofing sheets of the building. In fact, some builders also replace purlins with I-beams when it suits their needs and requirements.



 Since I beams are such a critical part of various constructions and buildings, they are designed by qualified individuals. They are fabricated keeping in mind the need for reliability, strength and stability when it comes to building/ constructions. The ‘I’ shape of these beams translates in the fact that they are really great for the unidirectional bending pressures that are parallel to the beam’s web.

The name universal beam (UB) comes from the fact that these I beams are very versatile and can be used for many purposes. That is, from providing support in erection of a building, to floor support and even support the roofs (color coated roofing sheet etc.) and more.



Construction Basics- Innovative Building Materials for Walls and Safety measures at site

What are I beam panels?

I beam panels is also called universal beam and are rolled steel joint used for the structural steel building. Its unique design and structure are important for handling a lot of weight. It provides strength and support to the structure of the building.

I Beam Manufacturers in India

I beam panels are widely used in India for construction purpose. There are many I beam manufacturers in India who deal with I beam such as- MS Beams, Eagle Steels Rolling Mills, Jain Steel Industries, Mahavir steels, and so on.

Lightweight Panels and its Advantages

Lightweight exterior wall panels are an achievement of the construction technology. They are lightweight building material for walls which are quite durable just like traditional walls and at the same time light as well. They are made of polymers and polystyrene aggregates which makes them light.

Despite being lightweight, they have all the strength. It can be used for many purposes such as partitions in offices, for making cabinets and even in furniture.

EPS wall panel is a lightweight material to build walls. It has many benefits such as it is fireproof and does not radiate toxic gasses. It also saves on the space compared to traditional blocks.

Sound insulation and waterproof is another advantage of EPS wall panels. So overall it is highly efficient and simple to construct. The wall material provides protection from external environmental factors and possesses heat insulation material as well.

Prefabricated Concrete Walls are durable, flexible, and provides an excellent solution for floors, walls, and roofs for offices. The life cycle of these walls are quite high (upto 100 years) and can be easily relocated and reused.

The speed for constructing them is high and is also weather-proof. The strength and structure of the walls can meet different design standards and plumbing and electrical things can be easily incorporated into them.

Construction site office requirements

It needs a lot of planning and a checklist while setting up the office. From fire safety equipment to welfare supplies, you need to keep a check on everything. So what are the construction site office requirements that you should check beforehand, let’s take a look.

Paperwork- it is very important that you carry all the important documents with you along with necessary paperwork. Essential signatures, health and safety documents, accident books are some of them.

Welfare Supplies- Supplies are important for proper functioning and basic comfort. Cleaning equipment, drinks are some of the things to ensure about.

Fire Safety- It is important to take precaution, especially about fire safety. A fire extinguisher is a must and fire blankets as well. A proper fire safety plan should also be planned in advance. Cost saving fire alarm should also be used.

First Aid Kits- You are never aware of the uncertainties that can take place near a construction site. It is better to keep a first aid kit handy with essential supplies.

Heating or Cooling Supplies- Weather is unforgiving so it is better to make necessary arrangements like fans, coolers etc for comfortable working conditions.