Houses in India vary from region to region. A lot of differences are seen in the design, structures, and roofing of the houses.  Each design of the house in India is also based on geographical aspects. Therefore, it becomes very essential to take in considerations various factors during house construction. The house construction cost in India can vary based on different factors. If at all you are planning to build your house soon. The list of things provided below can help you to get acquainted with the recent advances in technology and designs. It will also help you determine the cost for construction.

Cost of building a house in India is mainly associated with taxes and land geography. As taxes vary from region to region it becomes essential to carry out a detailed study of materials required for the house. If at all you are constructing a house in a city you can face more taxes. Another aspect that can lead to an increase in construction cost is land geography. If the soil you are building your house on does not have enough bearing capacity you might have to invest a substantial amount on the foundation which might lead to an increase in the cost.

Modern houses in India are based on variations in designs like the use of open layouts, simple designs, and abundance of natural light. An Ideal Indian modern house will contain all the above features. The modern houses display a strong connection between the indoor and the outdoors. Another notable feature is the cost associated with these houses is less compared to traditional homes.

Modular homes are another form of advancement in Indian houses. A modular house is a structure that is built off-site and then assembled on site. These homes are often called as prefab homes and require very less time for assembly. As they are manufactured off-site and then fabricated with bolted connections their cost is very less compared to other types. These homes can also be customized. These structures can be used as offices for commercial applications. They are also termed as green buildings. They are sturdy and look similar to traditional homes. They make maximum use of natural lighting thus, help save the energy costs. These homes are also well insulated with use of modern insulating materials.

Container homes in India are another form of modern homes. They are built from shipping container built of steel. They are available in various sizes. Besides offering a new trend in design these home also have very less cost and for construction as well as maintenance. They also contribute towards maintaining the environmental balance. These homes are also eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Conclusion: Thus the above categories of homes help save major capital cost and time associated with traditional homes. These structures also have added advantages like proper sanitation and easy plumbing. They also make use of color coated sheets for roofs and walls to add to its aesthetics.