The New Age Blend of Style and Durability: Prefab Homes in India


Prefab homes are one of the trending houses in the recent times. They are convenient to build, take less time in construction and can be assembled and reassembled at the owner’s will and choice. The best part about these is that they can be manufactured at an off-site location and is independent of external factors like weather conditions etc. In India, in the metros like Bangalore and Mumbai, there are complexes and societies with prefab homes built in series.

Residential Prefabricated Homes

These residential prefabricated homes can be customized as per the choice of the owner; they can be built like a complete luxury home also. One such example of a prefab is Quadrant homes; these are houses made from aluminum extrusions held together with locks. Structural panels are used in roofs, walls and floors. These can be built using minimal labor and takes lesser time for construction. These houses are rust free, non-corrodible and give sturdy structures.

Beam Sections

An essential part of a prefab structure is a beam, which can be made of steel or aluminum, they are used to join components together. These are often manufactured by a lot of companies in India. There are different kinds of beams used for joining different structures together; there are H beams which are hot steel H shaped sections used to enter components of different shapes and sized together. H Beams are also manufactured and designed in various cities and states across India. The qualities of H beam vary from location to location based on the requirement. The H Beam suppliers also deal in W beam, and I beam sections which are used for different structures.

C Purlins

The roof of these houses are built using purlins which are horizontal structural members in roofs; these are supported by rafters or walls. There are two types of purlins – C purlins and Z purlins. Like Beams, C purlins are C shaped sections and Z purlins are Z shaped sections which are used to support standing seam roof systems.

Container Offices

Building a prefabricated office structure is also trending these days, the porta cabins and container offices are convenient to assemble and are constructed in lesser time than conventional offices. These container offices are also called liftable cabins and give you a ready to move solution for all your construction needs. These provide modern design; they are weather resistant and durable. There are many container manufacturers in India.

Advantages of Prefab Structures

pre engineered building manufacturers

pre engineered building manufacturers

Another best thing about these prefab structures is that they are earthquake resistant and need little maintenance. The futures looks promising for prefab homes owing to their convenience in the building, independent of external conditions, comfort for the owners, the potential for customisation and a lot of other positives which stand in their favour.  Another advantage is that they are eco-friendly, sustainable and green.As a result, the consumer can save enormous costs on bills as well. Space wise, these homes can be built in the desired way, they can be constructed in areas as minimal as 100 square feet and can go upto 3000 square feet and more.